Saturday, November 8, 2008

So here's my Tribute to Mr. Faile35 (Aka Jeff Fairborn)'s Demon's Due series. I doubt I've got the story down perfectly but I did try to keep it all as close as I could remember to the Deviantart authors notes he posts. This is for him. I've got one for Twisted Plot around my hard drive somewhere to, but it probably needs more polish before going up here. He gave me permission to show his artwork here and I take no credit whatsoever... except for a little editing.

If your interested in his artwork please follow this link

Witbhout further ado, here is the comic.


Alicia Kinomoto said...

Excellent work, I wait for more!!!!

WeirdRaptor said...

What program did you use to create this? It looks very good.

WeirdRaptor said...

What program did you use to emulate comic pages?